Vision, Mission & KPIs


  • RBA Arabia Vision :
    • To be No.1 Trusted by employees as a professional business management “training & development” provider.
    • To be No.1 Requested by employers & HR professionals to improve performance and productivity.


  • Our mission depends on 3 key strategic pillars :
    1. To deliver all programs in a Live/Interactive sessions , for better training and understanding outcomes.
    2. To support employees’ Branding by a world-class business designation title(s).
    3. To support your career pathway by a specially designed Career Support Center .


  • Key Performance Indicators ( KPIs ) :
    1. Live exams.
    2. Workshop assignments.
    3. Level of participation during RBA™ Live training sessions.
    4. Final project submission/evaluation.
    5. Supportive Attitude