AAFM® CEO Message

A Message from AAFM® CEO /GAFM®

to : Business Owners , CEOs, HR Professionals


Its a great pleasure to be in touch with Middle East Business Owners , CEOs , HR Professionals & Students via RBA Arabia Professional Training & Educational Gate.Since professional credentialing and designations have been in high demand in recent years, we have been building professional alliances globally for over a decade with esteemed companies such as yours.  At GAFM ® and AAFM®, we are the leaders in new certifications, standards, accreditation, pedagogy and development styles.

That’s why I would like to  introduce a famous & specialized credential that would be useful for your departments and staff: Registered Business Analyst™ (RBA™).  This prestigious world-class designation is now available in Middle East Countries with its Full Protocol.   The RBA™ is a unique supportive mini-MBA program aiming to increase your Business Productivity and  to assure HR Managers in “Selecting, Recruiting and Promoting” the best professionals for the job.

Registered Business Analyst™ (RBA™),  is a registered trademark of the GAFM® Global Board of Standards which will enhance the analytical and business management skills of your first line team members. This valuable program covers the essential and required business management fundamentals in key areas such as: (Business Development/KAM, Marketing, Project Management, Finance, and Leadership).

RBA™ Designation, will save your Time and Effort in finding and hiring the best talent.


Our Live & Interactive programs are running in many regions including  Latin America, China, Middle-East, Africa, and India – with several hundred members joining each month through our providers in California, New York, Cairo, Saudi Arabia, Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong, Africa, Mexico, and others.


Sincerely and Kindest Regards,

Prof. Dr. George Mentz

Prof. Dr. George Mentz
Author, Educator & American Motivational Speaker
Doctor of Jurisprudence and International Law
Attorney & Notary Public
GAFM® International Board of Standards